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"Live"blogging the Wii line.

This is the tale of my adventure at the local Target, in my desperate attempt to purchase a Nintendo Wii. Enjoy!

20:10 - I take some NyQuil in the hopes it will help me sleep.
21:00 - I call Target to confirm. There are already almost 40 people lined up. Well shit. There's only 69 units at the store.
21:50 - Still not asleep. Dammit.
01:50 - Awake. Three hours sleep is not enough, but I have to leave if there's to be any hope.
02:10 - I'm at Target. I don't know how many people there are, I'd guess 50.
02:55 - Unfortunately, due to being completely exhausted, that game of Lumines II only lasted 45 minutes. I really need to kill more time.
04:00 - Phoenix Wright 2 has been filling the gap fairly well. God, it's cold. I hope the sun rises soon...
04:45 - Still no sun. Man, I'm a bit surprised more people haven't showed up. Seriously, only like four people have come after me so far.
05:00 - They just came on the PA and told us to wake up. Maybe they'll pass out the tickets soon?
05:10 - Just gave up my Guilty Gear attempt. The cold puts me in no mood to fight Order Sol. Goddammit, sun, rise! Why didn't I bring a blanket or something?
05:25 - It's only been 15 minutes since that last update? Ugh. NWS shows sunrise isn't for another hour. Well, back to Phoenix Wright.
05:45 - The cops just showed up. I wonder what they want.
05:47 - And there they go. Godspeed, gentlemen!
06:45 - Sun's been up for a bit, still cold. Really hoping they pass out the tickets soon. Turns out I'm pretty close to the inventory cutoff. Goddamn, I hope I haven't wasted my morning.
07:05 - They're reading us the standard crap. Tickets soon. Did I make it?
07:15 - THANK YOU, JESUS. #50 of 69. Just gotta wait for 8:00 for them to open officially.
07:25 - Free Coke. That's awfully nice of them.
08:00 - GOOD TO GO.
08:15 - Slow line is sloooooooooow.
08:50 - So close now...
09:05 - Seven hours after arrival, I am sitting in my car with Wii in hand. It feels damn good, but not as good as sleep will.

Well, that's it folks. I got myself a Wii, and now I take my leave.
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