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Yet another reason to buy a Wii.

Suda 51 (creator of Killer7) gave a very interesting interview about his upcoming Wii title, No More Heroes. Being a huge Killer7 fan, I am extremely excited about NMH and was very interested in what he had to say about it. Check out some excerpts:

Suda: Yes, it is true. My former job was as an undertaker.

Suda: In my opinion, the highest form of art is the existence ofvideogames.

Suda: No More Heroes is not an "on-rails"-style adventure game. It is a free running/roaming style action game... No More Heroes is a genuine action... but it hardly uses the wireless remote controller... The basic tactic is to attack with A button. The finishing move/attack is made by using the motion of the Wii controller. It is totally a different type of game from Killer 7.

IGN Wii: Who is your favorite videogame designer?

Suda: Erick Chahi. I am also a fan of Kojima-san and Mikami-san, and at the same time I respect them very much

IGN Wii: There is word that you're planning to work with Hideo Kojima on a game for Wii known only as 'Project S.' Is this true?

Suda: I am sorry, but I can't make any comments on this.

IGN Wii: Is Project S a sequel to the classic franchise Snatcher?

Suda: I am sorry, but I can't make any comments on this either.

Suda: I'll also try my best to make No More Heroes as violent, or even more violent than Manhunt 2!

Check out the full interview here.
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