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PS3 shipments lessened? Lube, doubled

Source: Gamasutra

According to one analyst, Sony won't be able to meet the slim yet agreeable 400k units they promised us. As low as 400k may be, we all seemed to have come to terms with it; after all, that's four times more than Sony's native country Japan received last week and 400k more than Europe will ever see for many moons to come. But this week we also receved word of Gamestop lowering its expected numbers and once again letting its pre-orders know that they may not be filled on the 19th of this month.

And people are still excited for this thing? I don't get it. How hard and how much does Sony have to stick it into some people to make them realize this is a botched launch. The PS3 is NOT ready for mass market sale. As someone put it on the 1up Yours Podcast (Luke I think it was) "November 19th marks the beginning of Sony's PS3 Launch Awareness Campaign." It lasts for a year; the real launch comes next year with the games actually worth giving a damn about and a stock beyond the virtual confines of eBay. Look at the 360 for proof.

So don't be excited for a PS3. Don't be sad that you won't get to spend $600+ this year for a system that hasn't earned its place in anyone's living room. A lot of people are saying it's the hardcore gamers who are going out there to freeze in the winter winds of their local outlet mall, but that's bullshit. The real gamers know well enough that PS3's launch lineup is typical throwaway fare that we'd be hard pressed to remember a year from now. The only worth the PS3 has at this point is as a cheap Blu-Ray player, and that's perfectly acceptable if you're into that. In terms of games(which I thought this whole hobby was all about), your money is best spent elsewhere this season.

And don't blame the people buying consoles to sell on eBay. "Oh noes these sick capitalists are taking systems away from the real gamers." Fuck off. The only reason these people exist are because there are people stupid enough to buy a console that isn't worth buying yet to begin with. If everyone just came to terms with what the lack of fervor the PS3 deserves then all those eBayers would be so screwed. Your irrational excitement fuels their rational greed; it just sucks that they're better campers than you.
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