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PS3 Hardware Breakdown

Source: DPAD

I do hate to kick off the blog with two entries in a row bashing the PS3, but honestly there's not a lot of good news for Sony fans. Read the article, it talks about all the PS3's hardware features, and how little they benefit gamers. Here are a couple of the more relevant portions:

The PS3’s cell processor has 1 Power PC core similar to that of the 3 Power PC cores sustaining the 360’s 3 core design and 7 SPE (synergistic processing element). The 8th is disabled to improve yields. One of the SPE is used to run the PS3’s operating system while the other 6 are available for games.

Basically what this means is that no matter what, the games running on the PS3 will be completely unable to touch a full 1/4 of the CPU's power. Compare this to the approximate 1/100 of the CPU reserved for the 360's OS (3% of one of three cores).

Maybe Blu Ray will lead to longer games? Blue Dragon for the 360 has over 40 hours worth of gameplay and Elder Scrolls Oblivion has over 120 hours worth of gameplay. Then compression needs to be taken into consideration which has come a very long way and it’d be wise not to underestimate the real-time decompression abilities of these new consoles. Blu-Ray doesn’t necessarily mean developers will have no need to compress their game data because compression can help improve load times.

This is probably my biggest annoyance with the PS3. The Blu-ray drive alone accounts for between 1/4 and 1/3 of the overall unit cost and is single-handedly responsible for the massive production delays we've seen. And for what? More storage which (as of now) is completely unnecessary? Until someone can demonstrate a case in which we need 30 GB of data for a single game, I will stand by this claim. Now, will I eventually want a Blu-ray drive? Maybe, but not in my game console. If you want to use the PS3 to watch high-def movies, by all means, but I'd appreciate it if it didn't needlessly drive up the cost of my gaming enjoyment.

There are a lot of other things to consider, such as the PS3's last-gen graphics architecture and lack of system RAM, but none of that's important. As any real gamer will tell you, it's about the games. To paraphrase one of the most honest gamers I've ever seen: "I could buy the PS3 premium unit, all the accessories, and Metal Gear Solid 4. Then, I beat MGS4 and smash everything I just bought. It would still be worth every penny." And that's the bottom fucking line.

Hi, my name's Atma, and I'm a Kojima fanboy.
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